Amy Wax is an artist and internationally recognized color consultant. She is also the owner of Your Color Source Studios, Inc. and created the Color911 app and blog. She has authored two books on color including a best seller that received numerous “book of the year” awards. Amy has helped with color palette development for major paint manufacturers.

She is the first color consultant to be nationally recognized for her “immense talent and vision in the world of color” by Benjamin Moore & Co. , awarding her with the prestigious HUE award. Ms. Wax has also served as President of the International Association of Color Consultants of North America. Amy recently released the award winning Color911 app providing color and design help and inspiration, and is the creator of the Color911 blog. An expert in her field, Amy enjoys sharing her expertise and helping everyone bring color into their world.

Amy Wax is also the creator of the award winning Color911 app and blog. To find out more see the links below:
cache_945710040Find out more at www.Color911.com

Color911 – Award winning color app created by Amy Wax

Color911 is a remarkable app that has been recognized by the best in the industry as a “Can’t-Live-Without App for Your Next Design Project” (Architectural Digest) providing color help at your fingertips for everything from fashion to home decor. Find out more at Color911.com
cache_945710049Color911 at www.Color911.com

Color911 blog-Award winning blog about color & design inspiration!

The Color911 blog is a great source for finding all the ways color can improve your life! Whether you choosing colors for your home or your wardrobe, for an event or your website. The Color911 is the best of color and design inspiration! Find out more at Color911.com/blog.