Amy Wax – Best Selling Author

Amy Wax books have been highly regarded as a source for color help and inspiration. “Can’t Fail Color Schemes”, a national best-seller, has also received several awards including “Book of the Year”. Amy writes about what she loves most,  providing color guidance and inspiration. See what books she has written or been a part of to give you the color help you need.

“Can’t Fail Color Schemes” by Amy Wax

A national best seller, Can’t Fail Color Schemes is the perfect color guide for anyone looking for help choosing the colors for their homes. Creatively laid out, it enables you to choose the
feeling you want your home to have, and guides you as to what colors to choose to help make that happen.

Over 600 photos support a very complete guide to choosing the right colors for your home.

Publisher: Creative Homeowner

“Can’t Fail Color Schemes: Kitchens and Baths” by Amy Wax

“Can’t Fail Color Schemes: Kitchens and Baths” is a priceless guide for anyone renovating or building a new kitchen or bathroom for their home. Giving you valuable information about everything from countertops to flooring to the paint color options available it is a valuable resource for the homeowner or design professional. A priceless guide for anyone looking for creative ideas and inspiration.

Publisher: Creative Homeowner

“The Kitchen Bible” by Barbara Ballinger, Margaret Crane and Jennifer Gilmer

Feature section on how to choose the right colors for your kitchen by Amy Wax.

This book is the idea step by step guide written to give you all the information you will need ro design the kitchen of your dreams. Amy Wax contributed a chapter in choosing the perfect colors for your kitchen with special attention given to choosing colors for everything from floor, to countertops, walls and the ceilings, and what finishes to use.

Publisher: Images Publishing

“Design Ideas for Curb Appeal” by Megan Connnelly

Featuring exterior color inspiration by Amy Wax

Homeowners who would like their home to be as well thought out on the outside as the inside, this is a great guide for you. With many photos of eveything from exterior color to landscaping to lighting ideas, this book shows you a wide variety of ways to enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Publisher: Creative Homeowner